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Award-winning Director Christianna Carmine takes her past experience in front of, and behind the camera, to provide the new actor with the tools he/she needs to be confident and savvy while pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.



On the set of  No Choice .

On the set of No Choice.

The Beginning Actor: A Director's Perspective

The Beginning Actor: A Director’s Perspective, not only starts with the basic principles of acting, but also covers the business of the working actor, the Do’s and Don’ts of Auditioning, and working on set/stage with one’s cast-mates and director.

In a fun and supportive atmosphere, students will work on specific scenes throughout the month, and showcase their work to the class each week. Students will also be able to meet and hear from working actors discuss the craft of acting, the ups and downs of the business, and their own experiences on set.

Students will have the opportunity to receive feedback on headshots, and obtain career guidance and constructive feedback on navigating the waters as an actor new to the business.

Ongoing Scene Study Class

Ongoing Scene Study classes are open to all students who have been working for two years (newer actors must take two months of The Beginning Actor: A Directors’ Perspective, before joining ongoing scene study). These classes run for 4 consecutive weeks. During that time, newer actors will get an hour as a small group to focus on the Business of Acting. More established actors will join for the latter part of the class where we will dive in to scene work for the remainder of the class.

On the set of  Darryl .

On the set of Darryl.

About Me


I discovered a love for teaching in the same way I discovered a love for directing; by accident. My approach to working with students in scene study is not far from how I work with my actors on set; on a human level first, then as a director and finally, as an actor.

I want actors to find a level of freedom in their work that will allow them to grow in a multitude of ways, including within their own lives.

I had the great honor and pleasure of studying under my forever mentor, Leigh Kilton-Smith, whom I still study with today.

My approach to working with students has been largely influenced by this Master teacher, and I look forward to passing along the wealth of information that I have gleaned over the last 9 years (and counting!) with Leigh.

I want to assist my students in cultivating their craft and continue to love their work, their lives and this incredible community of artists.



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